Doctoral Program in Statistics (International Program)
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Free Statistical Consulting for Research Service

          Doctoral Program in Statistics (International Program), Department of Mathematics and Statistics offer statistical consulting for research service for faculty members, staffs, and students who are working on his/her research, thesis or senior project. This social academic service is for Thammasat University’s members and others.  It is also the place for training our Ph.D. students in statistics.  It is totally free of charge service.  These followings are services under this consulting program;

  1. Writing the research grant proposal techniques.
  2. Planning the research and statistical designing the experiment.
  3. Choosing the right statistical test for data analysis.
  4. Selecting the appropriate statistical packages software.
  5. How to use SAS, Minitab, and SPSS or other statistical packages.
  6. How to interpret the output from statistical packages.
  7. Writing the report and statistical conclusions.
    The principal consulting team leads by
              Associate Professor Dr.Kamon Budsaba and
              Assistant Professor Dr. Saengla Chaimongkol Our Ph.D. students.
    Any interest please contacts or makes appointment at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Tel. 02-564-4444 ext. 2252
    (Associate Professor Dr. Kamon Budsaba) or write e-mail to,
         Please submit or attach the research proposal that includes the objectives of the project, questionare or data observation form including your
         partial raw data for us to consider.